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Spyridakis, Stylianos V./Bradley P. Nystrom: Ancient Greece: Documentary Perspectives

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Ancient Greece: Documentary Perspectives, Second Edition by Stylianos V. Spyridakis and Bradley P. Nystrom, offers more than one hundred translations of important ancient Greek texts. This text is a balanced collection of material representing all aspects of Greek civilization, from the Classical Age through the Roman era, and is available to all students studying ancient Greece. The translations of these important texts are highly readable and will illuminate the history and culture of ancient Greece.

This volume contains chapters on politics and society, philosophy, religion, the military, the role of women in Greek life, drama, poetry, and science. Ancient Greece: Documentary Perspectives is designed for use in college and university courses on ancient Greece, where students often have little exposure to primary materials representing Greek civilization.

Ancient Greece: Documentary Perspectives presents literary testimony to the monumental achievements of classical Greece as well as glimpses of the private thoughts and lives of ordinary Greeks.