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Harper, Karen: Shaker Run

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Kate Marbun thought her recovery from her former husband's betrayal was a new beginning. A quiet and controlled life as the rose gardener on the estate of Sarah Denbigh, a wealthy widow, seemed the perfect escape.

But when Sarah dies under mysterious circumstances, leaving Kate the unexpected heir to Sarah's vast fortune in Shaker furniture, the police suspect Kate might have had something to do with Sarah's death. Looking for a refuge again, Kate accepts a job as a gardener at Shaker Run, a historic and once celibate Shaker village.

But something strange and deadly dangerous is going on beneath the flawless surface of the idyllic town. Kate's hoping Jack Kilcourse, the mysterious and rugged furniture builder who also lives at Shaker Run, can help her figure out what - but is he only using her to pursue his own agenda?

Kate's dream job just might become her worst nightmare....