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Canfield, Jack: Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul 2

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"A mother is not be compared with any other person- she is incomparable" - African Proverb

There is no one like a mother. Our mothers give us life, love us, take care of us and want the best for us, no matter how old we are. They never stop being our mothers. There is no way to adequately describe the figt they have given us.

And no other experience in the world compares to being a mother. Being pregnant, going through labor and childbirth, and for both adoptive and biological mothers, seeing your baby's face for the very first time-these powerful occurrences are just the start of the uniquely compelling role in life we call motherhood.

It is because mothers have such a special place in our hearts that the first Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul was created. The book, Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul 2, was put together to answer the overwhelming demand of readers around the world who loved our first Chicken Soup book for mothers and wanted another helping. The books can be enjoyed in any order- you don't have to read the first book, however, according to our readers once you have read the first one you will want another helping in the second book.