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Dailey, Janet: Can't Say Goodbye

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Dear Reader,

These stories of classic romance are among my favorites—and I welcomed the chance to revise them for today’s reader.

Jill Randall would do anything to help her friend Kerry...even head out to BIG SKY COUNTRY to see that rancher John Riordan gets his comeuppance. Riordan is arrogant, handsome, and too sexy for his own good—and he disapproves of Kerry’s engagement to his younger brother. Jill has a feeling that the best way to distract him is to seduce him...until Riordan turns the tables on her!

In SHOW ME, Tanya and Jake Lassiter are married in name only and she is determined to raise their young son without him. But when he comes home after years abroad, it’s clear that Jake has changed—and so has she. His passionate kisses begin to melt her frozen heart—until a long-held secret threatens to destroy their newfound love...

Watch the sparks fly!

With love,

Janet Dailey