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Goodman-Davies, Mara: When Harry Met the Hamptons

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Harry, toast of the L.A. party scene, has just landed in the Hamptons facing an ultimatum: clean up his act or be cut off from the family fortune. But the "sleepy resort" that his father remembers is now the hottest party scene on the East Coast. And everyone has plans for Harry...
Soon, millions are riding on who can win his heart and his hand-in marriage, that is. Two women-an overweight heiress and a self-made, but heartbroken, businesswoman-vie for the prize. But can anyone really tame Harry?
Author Mara Goodman-Davies grew up among the Hamptons elite before turning to comedy and writing. When Harry Hit the Hamptons is filled with the kind of delicious gossip only an insider could know.
Goodman-Davies dishes on the flings and schemes of the rich and famous in this hilarious and heartwarming debut novel-a lively ride through a summer of love and trickery, all set against the celebrity-filled Hamptons scene.