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Timothy Findley (CA)

Piano Man's Daughter, The

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Now an important title in the newly redesigned Perennial Canada series, Timothy Findley’s The Piano Man’s Daughter continues to be one of his most popular books ever. The novel’s reissue follows on the heels of Findley’s newest novel,Pilgrim, released in late 1999 and sure to attract even more new readers to the Findley fold.

A glorious reverberation of a time when change was reaching a crescendo and yet hope and renewal were always to be found, The Piano Man’s Daughter is the story of Lily Kilworth and her son Charlie, a young piano tuner, who must find answers to the questions that define his life. Who was his father? And, given the swirl of madness enveloping his mother, does he dare become a father himself?

Set at the turn of the century and inspired by the history of Findley’s own mother’s family, this is a remarkable novel that sings with love and loss, a wonderful burst of reading pleasure.