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Kennedy, Barry: Through the Deadfall

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When Jack Thorpe's world begins to nosedive, he seeks comfort in the kindness of friends--friends whose appreciation of life barely manages to win out over their inability to deal with it.

Jack loves his friends, he loves his wife and he loves his liquor, but he just can't seem to take anything--including himself--very seriously.

His resolve is buoyed, however, by the threat of a huge bridge-and-tunnel project that would link his precious Vancouver Island community, Salish Spit, to the mainland.  Suddenly, Jack is a dynamo, things matter to him again--like trying to save his marriage, his town and himself.

Jack Thorpe emerges from the deadfall intact and renewed, one of the most memorable, likeable rogues in Canadian literature.

In Through the Deadfall, Barry Kennedy introduces a literary talent full of subtlety, depth and humor.