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Kirkby, Mary-Ann: Secrets of a Hutterite Kitchen

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Mary-Ann Kirkby spent the first ten years of her life in a Hutterite colony and years later reclaimed her heritage in the national bestseller I Am Hutterite. Since then, Kirkby has spent two years travelling to nearly fifty Hutterite colonies across North America, earning their trust and a place in their hearts. Secrets of a Hutterite Kitchen takes readers into the midst of this mysterious community, enchanting them with away of life that is born out of spiritual conviction and uncommon rites of passage.

Revealing intimate details of community life, Secrets of a Hutterite Kitchen unravels the inner works of Hutterite manners and morals, and illuminates the spirit of a workforce
responsible for feeding a family of 125 every day of the year.

Secrets of a Hutterite

Kitchen is a candid snapshot of Hutterite life, exploring the social customs, marriage ceremonies, romantic entanglements, birthing practices, and death rituals as viewed through the Hutterite community kitchen and the fascinating Hutterite women.

Secrets of a Hutterite Kitchen is a superbly written and engaging read. Beautifully packaged, it features all-time favourite Hutterite recipes and never-before-seen photographs throughout.